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Math Missions

When you've finished all of the work shifts in a game rank, Horton Spectacle will contact you through the aPET to send you on a Math Mission. These are scavenger hunts that take you around the city searching for the navigation tools he needs to find his way home. Throughout your adventure, follow clues, collect tools, and complete math challenges. The activities in the stores are not available to play until you finish your current Math Mission. Once a Math Mission is completed, a special item that Horton needs will be revealed and you'll move on to the next game rank.

Hint: Click the Help button on the aPET if you need help finding the answer to a clue.

Game Rank One

Complete one work shift in every store to go on your first Math Mission. To finish this Math Mission, you'll need to find the answers to four clues. Once you do, Horton will give you a protractor that will come in handy during your next Math Mission.

1. Search the city to find the answer to Horton's clue.
2. Click the answer when you find it.
3. Go to the main menu if you need help or want to hear your clue again.

Game Rank Two

After completing your second round of work shifts, embark on your next Math Mission. Find the answers to the first three clues, and then Horton will tell you to look for his Spectacle Seal at the World Piece Building. Clicking the Spectacle Seal will unlock an activity where you will need your protractor. When you find the correct angle, Horton will give you a pan balance to use in the third Math Mission.

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